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The Best Pole Building Insulation Options to Reduce Cool Air and Heat Loss

The pole barn design originated in the 1930’s using rounded utility poles for the erection of horse barns and agricultural buildings. Today we have several uses for pole building structures. Modern day pole barns use post frame construction that can be quickly and easily erected. Proper insulation: is important to regulate indoor temperatures allowing for the comfort of people or the animals it houses. When housing animals in your pole building structure, temperature control is important to animal fertility and productivity. Adequate insulation is also important to the longevity of your building.

Facing Options to Cover Insulation

Insulation works by controlling heat flow. Heat naturally flows from a warmer space to a cooler space. During winter months, heat moves from all heated spaces to the outdoors and to any adjoining unheated space. During summer months, heat flows from the outdoors to the indoors. Heat flows due to conduction,  convection, and radiation. Proper insulation decreases heat loss by providing a resistance to heat flow. Insulation limits air movement. Still air works as an insulator because it eliminates convection or the movement of hot and cold air and it has a low conduction by minimizing how heat is transferred.

Reflective insulation facing options reduce the transfer of heat through radiation by reducing heat loss through a radiant barrier. Blanket insulation is an easy and inexpensive method for pole barn insulation  because of their simplistic construction. Blankets come in batts or rolls in standard sizes making it easy to fit securely between wood framing. Blankets are very flexible products made from mineral fibers and are available with a vapor retarder facing or radiant backings. Blankets are also easily cut and trimmed to fit non standard joist spacing, trim to fit around windows, doors, or corners, and where wires, electrical boxes, or piping may be present  or combine with another form of insulation for increased efficiency. Steel building insulation has professionals readily available to help with all of your insulation questions for the best results in pole barn insulation. Visit our online quote center for an easy instant price estimate for completion the of your project.

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This Heavy Duty Insulation Knife Cuts through Insulation Blankets and Foam Boards like Butter

Our Heavy Duty insulation knife is a must have tool for cutting through fiberglass insulation blankets and foam insulation boards. This Insulation knife is a great time saver, it helps to speed up the process of even the most difficult insulation project. It makes insulation board cutting so smooth you will think you are cutting through butter. It saves you the frustration of the tedious cuts made by inferior insulation cutting tools.

Heavy Duty Insulation Knife Tool

This insulation knife works faster than the old standard utility knives with less material waste. It is by far the best way to cut rigid insulation. Our insulation cutting equipment helps you to cut through fiberglass with ease and without the unwanted mess and cleanup.  This insulation knife is so easy to use, you will be able to cut straight edges with exact precision by free hand. It makes perfect cuts and leaves no jagged edges.

This insulation knife is great when trimming foam insulation around windows and doors. The razor sharp blade and unique curved design are also perfect for preparing and sizing insulation. Use the whole length of  the blade for insulation board cutting. The insulation knife cuts through thick insulation blankets and boards in one clean slice. The sharp blade eliminates tears to speed up the completion of your insulation project. This fiberglass insulation knife is a great tool in trimming faced fiberglass insulation to fit wall or any foam board custom cutting specifications. You will have neat clean results with all of your insulation installments. It is so easy to use, we don’t recommend cutting foam board or insulation without it.

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Agricultural Building Insulation Protects Your Building and Your Investments

Insulating your Agricultural Building reduces thermal heat leakage, and condensation which could cause mold and helps to maintain a unified temperature inside of your barn or feed storage building. Without insulation the outside temperature would constantly be affecting your interior temperature, costing you more for heating and cooling.  The use of insulation can help to decrease these costs, and make you a potential candidate for tax breaks for being energy efficient.

Agricultural Building Insulation at Low Prices from

Help to keep your animals warm during the winter and cool during the summer by insulating your barn.  Insulation is great for use in livestock buildings, workshops, tool sheds, garages, barns, and more providing easily maintain temperature.  Compared to blown-in-loose-fill, bagged insulation, spray foam, and others, our agricultural building insulation has a higher R-value without using up large amounts of space. Our agricultural building insulation is manufactured to exceed US Energy codes and are provided with an R-value up to R-35 and can be double layered to increase the R-value.

We will pre-cut the insulation for you and ship it anywhere in the US.  We also provide live support over the phone for any issues that arise during the installation process.

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Improve Your Building’s Safety and Energy Efficiency with Fire Rated Wall Panels

Improve Your Building’s Safety and Energy Efficiency with Fire Rated Wall Panels

Keep your employees and important business equipment protected by installing Fire Walls and Fire Rated partitions. Fire walls can be added to any new or existing structure and are ideal for partition walls, demising walls, separation of businesses, or any building at risk of fire. Learn More at

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