Insulation Attachment Methods for Attaching Insulation on Steel Buildings

Attachment Methods

Foil Coated Black or White Insulation Tape

Foil Coated Black & White Insulation Tape   Click Here for More Info…

Double Faced Insulation Tape

Double Sided Insulation Tape Click Here for More Info…

The Double sided insulation tape holds the blankets into place before the exterior wall sheets are installed.

Insulation Banding

Insulation Banding for Fastening Insulation onto Steel Buildings Click Here for More Info…

In metal buildings banding can be used to secure metal roof insulation or in the walls (most commonly used in the roof.) Steel bands typically 1” wide are screwed to the underside of the metal purlin (or wood truss in a pole barn) 30” apart creating a grid system. Commonly used in double layer High R-Value metal roof insulation systems and in Retro-Fit insulation applications. To calculate the amount needed, multiply your metal roof square footage x 40%. Rolls are typically 500′ long. Click Here for More Info…


Insul-Hold Coils for Hanging Insulation

Ideal for new construction where high R-Values are required, or in retrofit to help hold insulation in place and from sagging. Arrows, which are contoured for strength, stick within the fiberglass and provide holding power to the insulation. InsulHold bands are used independently for hanging insulation, however, for additional support steel banding, steel liner panel, or an insulation fabric covering such as Energy Saver are optional.
Click Here for More Information…













Stick Pins

Insulation Stick Pins Click Here for More Info…

The insulation stick pins penetrate through the fiberglass blanket and through the facing, then secured with a washer.

Contact our insulation specialists with any product questions or for more information on hanging insulation and other attachment methods.



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