Experience the Energy Saving Benefits of Installing Solar Roof Panel Systems

Solar panel systems are an environmentally friendly alternative for clean, safe, and free thermal heating. Solar energy produces no carbon emissions successfully removing your carbon footprint from the environment helping to eliminate the leading contributing factor in global warming. Every month the sun provides more natural energy than human beings have used throughout history. Solar panel systems can provide up to 80% of your annual hot water use year round.

Our solar panel technology is based upon the same design used in glass vacuum thermo insulated bottles.

Energy Saving Solar Panel Systems

These solar panel systems have undergone 25 years of rigid research, design, and manufacturing to come up with the best solar thermal products. Ten million Theromax tubes are currently in use nationwide. Solar panels have a long life span, and the energy savings you recieve will pay for the entire solar panel system several times over its lifespan. There are also government tax credits and grants available helping to cover 30% -70% of the solar roof panel costs to the consumer.

Investing in a solar roof panel system is a cost effective solution for any homeowner or business owner looking to save money on future water heating costs. There are several solar roof panels available including complete solar panel kits. Our in-roof or o- roof installations are ideal for both commercial and domestic use with all of our certified solar roof panel products.

Solar Flat Panels:

  • 10 year product warranty
  • Thermal shock and tensile test guaranteeing highest quality for performance and durability
  • Hail test: high speed impact of 1” diameter hail balls
  • Solar keymark approved
  • Product designed to be specifically suited to all North American climates

             For More information Call: 1-800-486-8415
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